EOP Frequently Asked Questions


Q1-What does EOP stand for?
A-Educational Opportunity Program


Q2-What are the benefits of joining EOP?
A-EOPs goals and objectives are in assisting low income college students. There are many comprehensive services available to assist students in reaching academic success and graduation. At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving:

*You are only able to apply to/join EOP prior to starting at SDSU.


Q3-How do I apply to EOP?
A-Applicants need to submit their CSU admission application on www.CSUMentor.edu during the specified application period. Right before the end of the application you will be asked “Are you interested in applying to EOP?” Select “YES” and then on the next page you will follow a link to begin the online EOP Application.
Re-admit students, who previously were admitted through regular admissions at SDSU or any other CSU who were not EOP, are not eligible to apply and be admitted into EOP.


Q4-If I submitted my CSU application and did not mark the EOP interest question with a YES, is it too late to apply to EOP?
A-NO, it is not too late to apply for EOP. You need to log back into www.CSUMentor.edu and click on the Apply Online tab. Then click the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) link, and select the specified semester you are applying for (in most cases Fall 2015). You will be given a confirmation number after you hit “submit.” Please keep it for your records.


Q5-What if I did not file taxes?
A-All applicants must prove family income. Complete and submit the EOP Income Verification. Go to the SDSU EOP website http://studentaffairs.sdsu.edu/eop and navigate in the following manner: Resources => Forms and Applications => EOP Income Verification Form. Fill out the form and mail with copies of all supporting documents to:

EOP Admissions Unit • San Diego State University • 5500 Campanile Dr.• San Diego, CA 92182-8222
Or FAX directly to EOP Admissions at (619) 594-4299 please include your SDSU RED ID or your documents will be delayed in processing!



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Q6-What do I do if the online EOP application is not working properly?
A-You can contact XAP Student support at 1(800) GO-TO-XAP (1-800-468-6927) or email support@csumentor.edu.


Q7-Can I submit a paper application?
A-Yes, you can submit paper applications by mail or in person. You can download a PDF version of the application from our website at http://studentaffairs.sdsu.edu/eop Please navigate to: Resources => Forms and Applications => EOP Application Form (pdf) . Keep copies for your records and please include your Red ID number on each page of your correspondence.


(For PDF files, download Adobe Acrobat Reader if needed)


Q8-Can my recommenders FAX in the EOP Recommendation Form directly?
A-Yes our direct Fax number to EOP Admissions is (619) 594-5245. We may verify received forms with individual recommenders. Please include your Red ID number on each page of your correspondence.


Q9-What is the deadline to submit a completed EOP Application packet?
A-SDSU EOP has rollling deadlines for our application.  It is the applicants responsibility to call our office to make sure all documents are in as well as verify the deadline.

Please Note: Fall 2015 deadlines for applicants at EOP at SDSU(make sure mail is post- marked by these dates)

Priority Deadline December 15, 2014
Extended Priority Deadline December 29, 2014
Final Deadline May 15, 2015

Applicants who submit a completed EOP application (including taxes) by the December deadline will be screened for our program and placed on a list sent to Admissions for their consideration.  Please note: There are NO GUARANTEES for admissions to SDSU!!!!
May 15, 2015 is our FINAL deadline. All documents must be in and postmarked by this date. Applicants to SDSU EOP may be accepted after this date on a rolling basis, depending on space and availability.


Q10-Are EOPS Community College Students accepted automatically into EOP?
A-No, No, a completed EOP application is required. EOPS students are screened and selected based on the same criteria for all EOP applicants.


Q11-If I attended the SDSU New Student Orientation do I still have to attend EOP First Contact?
A-Yes, EOP First Contact is mandatory for all EOP students. There is no charge. It provides an orientation specifically for the Educational Opportunity Program.


Q12-If I applied to several CSU campuses, will I also have to apply to each EOP program separately?
A-YES! Each campus operates a separate EOP department and you must apply to each EOP individually.


Q13-Is there a special Financial Aid Application for an EOP grant?
A-No, the EOP Grant is part of the Financial Aid application process. You must submit the FAFSA or Dream Act between January 1st and March 2nd. EOP grants are awarded to EOP students with the most need on a first-completed first-served basis. Not all EOP students who qualify for financial aid will receive an EOP grant. Students are encouraged to check their financial aid status on Aid Link: http://studentaffairs.sdsu.edu/ofas2/


Q14-Do I need to re-apply every year for EOP?
A-No, EOP is an admissions program and once admitted you will remain in EOP status throughout your undergraduate education. Students previously admitted through regular admissions at SDSU or another CSU cannot be admitted to EOP, unless you were previously an EOP student at another campus, in this case you will need to contact our office to do a CSU EOP transfer.


Q15-What constitutes a local vs. non-local student?
A-You are considered a NON-LOCAL student if you do not reside south of highway 56 in San Diego or Imperial County.


Q16-What are the differences in services provided by EOP and EOPS?
A-EOP and EOPS share the same goals and objectives in assisting low income, first generation college students. However, EOP is an admission program that provides comprehensive services to provide academic success and graduation. Each EOPS program has specific services and programs. At SDSU EOP, we offer programs and services such as:


Q17-If I am a transfer student who was not in EOPS at the community college, can I still apply for EOP.
A-Yes, the same qualification criteria will be applied to all students applying.


Q18-If I am admitted by the University, do I need to submit a complete EOP application via CSU Mentor?
A-Yes, complete all EOP admissions paperwork before our deadline. Deadlines will be on rolling basis after December. It is worth noting, that per state regulations students may NOT be admitted into EOP after starting their first semester at SDSU.


Q19-How do I follow-up on my EOP admissions status?
A-Call EOP for updates on application status after 2pm at (619) 594-6298. Please have RED ID number ready when you call. Students with incomplete EOP applications will be receiving emails detailing what is still missing from their applications in order to complete them. Ensure that the email address listed on your SDSU Web Portal is current.


Q20-Are non-resident students eligible for EOP services?
A-No, only California residents and AB540 students, are eligible to become EOP students.


Q21-Does EOP serve graduate level students?
A-No, EOP is a program for undergraduate students only.


Q22-Does EOP cost me anything?
A-No, all EOP services are free.


Q23-Is there a separate EOP on each CSU campus?
A-YES! Each campus operates a separate EOP department and you must apply to each EOP individually.


Q24-Where is the SDSU EOP Office located?
A-EOP is located in the Student Services East Building, room 2109. We are open from 8:00am-4:30pm Monday through Friday.


Q25-Can EOP help me get into SDSU?
A-SDSU is an impacted campus, therefore EOP at SDSU does not have special admits. You may check at other EOP departments at non-impacted CSU campuses for their policy on special admits.

Please Note: Fall 2015 deadlines for applicants at EOP at SDSU
Priority Deadline December 15, 2014
Extended Priority Deadline December 29, 2014
Final Deadline February 15, 2015


Q26-Where can I see what my Eligibility Index is?
A-Go to SDSU Admissions website under http://arweb.sdsu.edu/es/admissions/ Click on “I Want to Apply” Click on “First-time Freshmen” Click on either SDSU Service Area or Outside SDSU Service Area Click on the term you are applying for. You will see a link for Eligibility Index Calculator on this page.

For SDSU admissions questions contact the Prospective Student Center (619) 594-6336


Q27-I am an AB540 student—May I apply to EOP?
A-Yes, as of January 2013, EOP is accepting applications for AB540 students who meet the program criteria and deadlines.



If your question was not answered above or for additional
SDSU EOP Admissions Questions contact
The Office of Educational Opportunity Programs at SDSU
 at (619) 594-6298