Contact Information

** Please Note: If you have questions regarding your EOP Application please send that inquiry to: Include your full name, RED ID, which term you are applying to and your question(s). DO NOT email staff for EOP application questions as this may delay a response.

Attention Recommenders for students applying to EOP: Please Do not send EOP Letters of Recommendation to EOP staff's personal emails. For information on how to send a Letter of Recommendation form click here


Dr. Emilio Ulloa 619-594-6298


Associate Director
Dr. Henry Villegas 619-594-6298


Assistant Directors
Josephine Mojica 619-594-0140
Cynthia Torres 619-594-0811


Beth Crawford 619-594-6298
Chia Her 619-594-6298
Wanda Clay Majors 619-594-6298
Bryan Spencer 619-594-6298
Daniel Oliveira 619-594-6298


Center for Academic Assistance and Training CAAT
Robert Guzman 619-594-4336


Outreach, Recruitment and Admissions
Lorena Malo 619-594-5047
Quincey Penn 619-594-3368


Special Programs
Rodrigo Gutierrez Jr. 619-594-8361


Operations and Support
Carolyn Dougherty 619-594-1192
Charlotte Moore 619-594-7446
David Scarafone 619-594-1196
Marta Briseno 619-594-1194