photo: Dr. James R. KitchenMessage from the Vice President for Student Affairs

The 2008/2009 academic year proved to be one of the most challenging years in higher education. With the worldwide financial collapse in fall 2008, and the severe impacts that it had on the State of California’s budget, public higher education in the state suffered catastrophic losses. The California State University system was hit hard. As we ended the academic year, SDSU alone had approximately 700 less employees and was mandated to admit fewer students.

This reality has had a negative impact on our key goal of access. However, not all is doom and gloom. I’m proud of my staff who stepped up to the plate to do more with less and ensure that all of our enrolled students still had the quality programs and services that they need to become successful graduates of San Diego State.

We had important goals and great accomplishments during the 2008/2009 academic year. Key to our successful programs was our continued collaboration with Academic Affairs. From expanding remediation programs for incoming students, to establishing a minor in Leadership Development, to developing strategic academic-based internships, our partnership with Academic Affairs is helping our students succeed.

You’ll see from the highlights outlined in this Annual Report that the Division of Student Affairs has succeeded in fostering innovative, collaborative programs and services that help SDSU students connect to the university. We know from research that the students who do succeed at SDSU are more likely to feel a sense of community. We provide a wide array of diverse learning opportunities and support programs that provide communities.

In the Division of Student Affairs, we will continue to focus our work on access; student learning and development; student life and leadership; assessment and evaluation; and collaborations and partnerships.

Dr. James R. Kitchen
Vice President for Student Affairs