Wise Use of Resources

photo: student and parents at orientation
A Welcome session at New Student and Parent Orientation.

A new reservation system for New Student and Parent Orientation was developed and deployed in spring 2009. Prior to this, the online registration and administration were handled via a vendor-hosted service, which lacked some key areas that made the experience, for both students and staff, less than optimal. The new in-house system met all of the requirements of New Student and Parent Programs. Because it is housed locally, a wider array of reports can be provided. Funds are immediately accessible because they are now handled by Student Financial Services. It provides a seamless experience for students and their parents, providing more payment options and flexibility.

Student Testing, Assessment and Research provides students with mandated and optional testing requirements. Over the last few years, STAAR has converted most of its operations to online access, reducing costs but also providing students with more flexibility. The Assessment end of the office collects and explains data for departments to determine outcomes of programs and services.

@State, the monthly online student newsletter, has served as a connection for all SDSU students for four years now. Each year, the readership increases, and many features promoting Student Affairs programs and services are picked up by other media sources, including The Daily Aztec and SDSUniverse.

Across the campus, several groups collaborated to ensure that SDSU met the deadlines for Web 508 compliance. In Student Affairs, Keith Parks from Communications Services, became an expert on accessibility issues. He devoted hundreds of hours to retrofitting Web pages in the Division, and in consultation with other Web designers within Student Affairs and outside the Division. As of the May 2009 deadline, an internal audit confirmed that all top-level Student Affairs pages were compliant. Compliance will be a continuous process.

The Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities (CSRR) partnered with the Student Affairs Information Systems Management department to create and refine a custom judicial database, providing a considerable cost savings to the university. The Web-based format permits 100 staff members to promptly enter incident reports and is hosted internally. Report layouts were scripted, allowing CSRR to more accurately track statistical trends, take proactive measures, and assess case management issues.

photo: sorority members pose for a photo at a Greek fair
Greek Life was able to post all of its forms, policies, etc. online via its Web site, drastically cutting costs by reducing printing, copying and mailing expenses. A chapter of Greeks Gone Green was established at SDSU in fall 2008. The organization has been very involved in promoting sustainability practices in the Greek community through recycling, green living seminars, chapter house energy audits and eco-friendly community service.

Student Life & Leadership worked with Communications Services to develop an online student organization and advisor orientation system. The new online process allows SDSU students more flexibility in completing the required orientation around their schedules and saves numerous staff hours normally spent providing presentations in person.

The office of Student Testing, Assessment and Research (STAAR) developed and implemented an online Web portal that allows students to view and print out exam admission tickets and their exam score results. Additionally, the office served as a regional center for distance learning exam administration, serving 68 colleges and universities. This generated revenue for SDSU and subsidized free proctoring for SDSU students and recent alumni.