Connect. Engage. Inspire.

These are the goals of every Student Affairs staff member. From an EOP counselor to a Student Health Services practitioner; from the Student Testing front office worker, to the imaginative coordinators in the Office of New Student and Parent Programs – every one of us strives to connect with students, to engage them in our programs and services, and to inspire them to achieve their dreams of a successful college education.

Every program and service in the Division of Student Affairs translates to retention and success. Inside this annual report you’ll find many instances of the successes we had during the 2007-2008 academic year.

Prior to the beginning of the year, we outlined several goals that we wanted to achieve, and we’ve made great progress. Key goals included:

  • Continue to expand living and learning communities. Our goal is to go from 350 beds in 2006-2007, to 625 beds in 2007-2008, to 800 beds in 2008-2009.
  • Continue to increase the participation rate of transfer students attending new student orientation.
  • Continue to target “at-risk” students – our most vulnerable students on campus. It is critical that these students (20 percent of the student population) connect to campus resources, programs and services, such as EOP, Bounce Back, Freshman Success Programs, Living and Learning Communities and Compact Scholars, all of which support their academic learning.
  • Continue to work with the Associated Students and the campus community on the creation of the SDSU Leadership Center.

You’ll see from the 2008 highlights that follow that the Division of Student Affairs has succeeded in fostering innovative programs and services that help SDSU students connect, engage and inspire. It is our belief that every student should have access to a university education. In order to do so, we strive to provide access to financial resources, supportive student services, and diverse learning opportunities.


Dr. James R. Kitchen