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Annual Report 2004/2005

Message from Vice President for Student Affairs
James R. Kitchen

photo of Dr. James R. Kitchen

I am proud to report that the Division of Student Affairs made some great strides as we ended the 2004/2005 academic year.

Through the development of a strategic plan, we articulated how Student Affairs functions as a student-centered partner in the educational process of the SDSU learning community. We defined the top four outcomes achieved by students through our programs and services: helping students to learn and to grow; helping students to make positive choices; helping students to connect to the university to enhance retention and loyalty beyond graduation; and providing opportunities for students to succeed. In concert with the strategic plan, all Student Affairs programs, services and staff exist to:

  • Enhance and strengthen student learning outcomes
  • Promote access to learning opportunities and support services
  • Improve retention, academic success, and graduation rates

The guiding philosophy of Student Affairs is that “learning happens everywhere” – in the classroom, outside the classroom, in the community, and beyond. Students develop skills to become successful in their academic pursuits, to achieve their career goals, and to become productive members of the global community by achieving a core set of learning outcomes:

  • Cognitive complexity
  • Knowledge acquisition, integration and application
  • Humanitarianism
  • Civic engagement
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal competence
  • Practical competence
  • Persistence and academic achievement

Each department within the division spent the past year identifying accessibility and retention barriers, and then devised action plans to overcome those barriers. What follows in this annual report are just a few of the outcomes from those efforts.

We are now working on year two of our strategic planning process. The departments, programs and services within SDSU Student Affairs serve as many bridges to success, not only for our students, but also for the university as a whole.

I look forward to our next stage as we continue our critical partnership across the university.


Dr. James R. Kitchen