The Judicial Process flowchart

A chart showing the process in a juducial complaint.

  1. A complaint or allegation of a violation of University Policy, Rules or Regulations is received by the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  2. An investiation takes place.
  3. If there is no evidence of a violation, the complaint is dismissed.
  4. If there is evidence of a violation, there is an informal conference between the Judicial Officer and the student accused. At this point the complaint can be dismissed, or the student can be held responsible for the violation and sanctioned.
  5. If the sanction(s) are accepted via a Settlement Argeement, the case is resolved.
  6. If the sanction(s) are not accepted, a Disciplinary Hearing is conducted.
  7. The Hearing Officer submits recommendations to the Vice President or Associate Vice President, and the Vice President or Associate Vice President makes a final decision in the case.