Alcohol and Drug Policy

Use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs can lead to accidents, injury, and other medical emergencies.

The University encourages the Greek community to maintain a responsible, healthy, and safe approach to alcohol for those of legal drinking age.

Chapters must adhere to all laws regulating the consumption of alcoholic beverages (including prohibiting underage drinking at chapter activities) and must also adhere to the following University policies:

After just a drink or two, drinkers may experience loss of ability to think about complex problems or accomplish complex tasks. Drinkers may also lose control over impulsive behavior.

  • Chapter funds cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  • Common sources of alcoholic beverages (kegs, open bars, alcoholic punch, coolers filled with beer, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Hard liquor is not permitted at chapter events, unless held at a place licensed to sell alcohol (such as a hotel)
  • Drinking games are prohibited.
  • All recruitment (“rush”) events and activities, regardless of location, must be dry.

This includes not only official events, but chapter members cannot provide alcohol to prospective members at unofficial gatherings, private residences, etc. during the recruitment period.

Alcohol in high doses or when combined with medications/illegal drugs continues to claim the lives of college students across the nation.

  • All fraternity and sorority parties during the first five weeks of the fall semester and first three weeks of the spring semester must be dry, except private post-recruitment events held at places licensed to sell alcohol.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed at new member events including initiation, pre-initiation, new member retreats, and big brother/sister revealing.
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be exchanged as gifts at new member activities.
  • Greek philanthropic tournaments must be dry
  • Alcohol is not permitted at “walk-arounds” (an activity where groups of fraternity or sorority members visit other chapters during their weekly meetings to make announcements)
  • Chapters must provide for the safety of any member or guest who exhibits intoxication while at the chapter house or at a chapter function
  • If a member or guest is unconscious or semiconscious or has other signs of alcohol poisoning, emergency assistance must be summoned
  • From an on-campus or chapter house, call 619-594-1991 (please program this number into your cell phone); off-campus call 911
  • For off-campus events such as dances and formals, chapter members are required to ride on busses provided by the organization
  • Intoxicated members and guests are not allowed to board the bus
  • “Open parties” with alcohol are prohibited and parties with alcohol at chapter houses cannot be advertised
    Except for private events (those with no more than one guest per member), chapters must enforce a guest list, must hire security guards, and must use wristbands to control underage drinking and control crowd size limits
    Social events where alcohol is permitted, other than those held at licensed establishments, must be BYOB (persons over 21 may bring beer or wine for their own consumption)
  • No one may bring more than a six pack of beer
  • Glass bottles are prohibited
  • All drinks must be consumed from their original containers (bottled water, canned beer or soda, etc.)
  • No cups, tumblers, etc. are permitted
  • Guests may not enter a party with open beverage containers
  • Chapters cannot sponsor or organize events in Mexico where alcohol is present
  • Use of illegal drugs is not tolerated at chapter-related activities or in chapter housing facilities


Question: Which of the following would be allowed at a fraternity party?

  • A A keg of beer, if access is limited to those over 21.
    A is incorrect, a common sources of alcohol are not permitted.
  • B A cooler filled with cans of beer, if access is limited to those over 21.
    B is incorrect, a common sources of alcohol are not permitted.
  • C A member or guest over 21 bringing their own 12-pack of beer.
    C is incorrect, each person over 21 cannot bring more than a 6-pack.
  • D None of the above
    D is correct!
    - Continue to next question below -



Question: Hard alcohol is never allowed at fraternity and sorority events.

  • True
    True is incorrect - Hard alcohol can be sold at an event at a licensed establishment such a hotel, etc.
  • False
    False is correct - Hard alcohol can be sold at an event at a licensed establishment such as a hotel, etc.
    - Continue to next question below-



Question: At which of the following is alcoholic beverages permitted:

  • A An event held at a member's private residence during recruitment week where prospective new members are present.
    A is incorrect - this violates the dry recruitment policies
  • B Big brother/sister revealing event.
    B is incorrect - alcohol cannot be present at new member events
  • C During “walkarounds” to fraternity and sorority meetings, as long as alcohol is not taken into a sorority house.
    C is incorrect
  • D During philanthropic tournaments
    D is incorrect!
  • E None of the above