Expectations of Greek Membership

California State University Shared Principles for Greek Life

Picture of Greeks cheering at an eventAt the California State University (CSU) Greek Summit hosted by San Diego State University in 2003, administrators, advisors, student leaders and alumni adopted the CSU Shared Principles for Greek Life, which were refined and reaffirmed at the 2008 CSU Greek Summit. The Shared Principles state that the CSU will support fraternities and sororities on their campuses in the promotion of:

  • The academic success and retention of fraternity and sorority members and support of members’ academic pursuits.
  • Picture of Greek man donating bloodThe development of well-educated, well-rounded individuals who positively impact their campuses through personal integrity, social responsibility, leadership, and appreciation for diversity.
  • Positive impacts on their campus and community through community service, philanthropy and involvement in campus programs and activities.
  • Peer education to promote fraternal values, healthy living, substance abuse awareness and prevention, personal responsibility and accountability, and concern for the safety and welfare of others.
  • Picture of Greek Women at the beachUnity of purpose and collaboration within the Greek community contributing to a wider sense of community on campus and throughout California and the nation.
  • Inclusiveness and diversity within membership
    Strong alliances with fraternity and sorority alumni that foster lifelong support of the university and its fraternity and sorority community.
  • Leadership development opportunities and programming to serve the Greek community beyond their university experience.
  • Development of positive relationships with the campus community, including faculty, staff, administration, unaffiliated students and the broader community and region.
  • Development of learning outcomes and assessment.

In order to implement these Shared Principles at SDSU, all prospective new members will be required to demonstrate their commitment to these principles by committing to adhere to the following expectations.

SDSU Fraternity and Sorority Member Expectations

  • I understand that as a fraternity or sorority member, my personal actions will reflect not only upon myself, but also upon my chapter, the entire Greek community, and the University; therefore, I will adhere to the highest standards of personal responsibility and integrity. I will become familiar with and comply with the policies of my organization, San Diego State University, and the law.
  • I will commit to serving the university and society through social responsibility and community service
  • I will strive to develop my leadership skills by getting involved in Greek and campus programs and activities.
  • I will strive for academic achievement and intellectual development and practice academic integrity.
  • I value diversity, will respect the respect the dignity of all persons, and will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic or other abusive or discriminatory behavior.
  • I will not engage or participate in any hazing activities nor tolerate hazing by others.
  • I will support healthy living. I will neither misuse nor support the misuse of alcohol. I will neither use nor support the use of illicit drugs or the misuse of prescription drugs.
  • I will fulfill my fraternity and sorority responsibilities, including prompt payment of financial obligations, attendance at meetings and other required activities, and participation in the management of the chapter.
  • I will respect the rights of College Area neighbors (including students) and others in the campus community.
  • I will protect the safety and welfare of my fellow members and others in the campus community. I am willing to call for emergency assistance for those in need.
  • I will promote unity and the general welfare of the Greek community by respecting and supporting all chapters and members.
  • I will learn and understand the ideals expressed in my fraternity or sorority ritual, strive to incorporate those values into my daily life, and hold members who do not adhere to these standards accountable.

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I affirm my commitment to the principles stated above and will adhere to these expectations if I am invited to join a fraternity or sorority at SDSU.