Using health care coverage for meningitis preventative treatment and vaccines

Step one.

Locate the phone number for your health insurance as well as your member ID number. You can find this information on your insurance card.

Step two.

Call your health insurance company and ask the following questions:

Where can I go to get the Ciprofloxacin (preventative treatment) and / or meningitis vaccine?

How much will this cost using my health insurance?

Do I need to make an appointment to get this or can I walk in?

Step three.

If vaccine or preventative treatment need to be administered at a doctor’s office and you do not already have a local primary care provider, ask for a list of medical providers (doctor, nurse practitioner, etc.) in the area and instructions on how to make an appointment.

Step four.

Before concluding the call confirm price, location, and if appointment is needed.

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