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1. Real Skills for the Real World

2. Writing After College: R U Serious?

3. Get a Taste of Lunch and Learn Workshops

4. College Survival Skills: Get on the Right Track with TRiO

5. WPA Prep: Our Most Popular Workshop

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Real Skills for the Real World   Picture of a professional woman in library  

Whether you realize it or not, a college education teaches you more than just about a particular field of study.  Along with knowledge gained from coursework, there are other skills you will no doubt acquire: 

Picture of a young woman in red graduation cap and gown(1) Time Management—with so much going on all the time, you learn to organize your time, the most precious commodity. 

(2) Dealing with Stress—the demands of college are an initiation into the “real world.”  Deadlines and high expectations don’t go away when you graduate. 

(3) Finances—you have hopefully learned that loans, rent, and credit cards are not to be taken lightly.  Dealing with finances in college will ensure you are realistic about budgets and bills after graduation. 

(4) Self Reliance—your parents will more than likely not support you the rest of your life, and they probably didn’t write your term papers either.  After all, no one cares more about your education or future than you.

(5) An Open Mind—being exposed to different cultures and points of view will benefit you in the long run since you will more than likely need to interact with a diverse population on a daily basis, both at work and in your community.


There are many other skills you’ll gain as well—although it may take time and some distance from college for you to recognize them. 




Writing After College: R U Serious?

Most students are relieved when they  graduate: no more writing classes or term papers!  However, writing skills are actually used much more in the “real world” than most grads think.  The ability to communicate effectively in writing will set you apart from your colleagues and solidify your position in an increasingly competitive economy. 

Picture of a man's hands writingThe phrase “Get it in writing” highlights the importance of the written word in the business and legal worlds.  A handshake and oral agreement do not constitute a binding contract.  Also, the formality of carefully constructed prose ensures that you say what you really mean. This is why text message abbreviations, emoticons, and the casual, often idiomatic, tone of e-mails will never be substitutions for clear, well-detailed writing.


I’m often reminded of the advantages when I think of my friend who works in the IT field; he has gone farther than his peers simply because he can write a clear memo and business proposal.  As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a career in which writing effectively would not be a benefit.  So, before you curse under your breath the next time you hear the word rhetoric, take a deep breath and collect your thoughts—then pick up a pen and start writing! 




Get a Taste of Lunch and Learn Workshops

This semester, TRiO is introducing Lunch & Learn workshops: the relaxed, casual way to enjoy grammar - and more!

We invite you to bring your lunch and relax with us for an hour or so, while possibly picking up a few new tips & tricks that will help you become a better writer.

Every Monday & Thursday at noon, we'll be offering workshops on a variety of writing topics. Lunch will never be the same again. Brush up on comma usage, develop your resume, or unleash your inner poet, all while you eat. Grab your grub from the east commons or bring a sandwich from home. We'll provide the cold water (for refillable bottles) and the learning fun. Click on Workshops for more information!

Picture of a hungry man with plate, fork, and knife

I’m so hungry, I could eat

              a comma splice!”





College Survival Series: On the Right Track with TRiO

Do you ever feel like your compass is a bit off? Our Survival Skills series of workshops will help you chart a course for success. We cover everything from time management to financial aid literacy. We’ll introduce you to concepts and tools that will prove useful on your often times daunting collegiate journey.

Picture of a hand holding a compassSchool Survival Skills
Wednesday, January 27th @ 3pm
Tuesday, February 2nd @ 2pm

Desperately Seeking Scholarships
Thursday, January 28th @ 2pm
Tuesday, March 16th @ 2pm
Wednesday, April 21st @ 3pm

Navigating the Financial Aid & FAFSA Websites
Tuesday, February 9th @ 2pm
Wednesday, February 24th @ 3pm
Tuesday, April 13th @ 2pm

Time For Time Management

Tuesday, March 9th @ 2pm
Friday, April 9th @ 1pm



WPA Prep: Our Most Popular Workshop   Picture of a rowdy crowd at a rock concert

he WPA prep workshop is our most well attended for good reason.  We give you the inside scoop on what to expect, including the test prompt and how the test is graded.   Maximize your score  by learning tips for organization, analysis, and development.  This step-by-step workshop  is especially beneficial to transfer students who are usually unfamiliar with the writing curriculum here at SDSU.  Not sure of the difference between ethos, pathos, and logos?  Not sure what rhetoric even means?  This workshop is for you!  Sign up soon;  these workshops fill up fast. 


The workshops are offered on the Thursday and Friday prior to each Saturday test date. (Please note that it's not necessary to attend the workshop on both days.)


            February 11th & 12th: 12-2pm                      

            March 4th & 5th: 12-2pm

            March 25th & 26th: 12-2pm

            April 22nd & 23rd: 12-2pm




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