Your Tutoring Appointment: What To Expect

In order to demystify the process, let's take a look at a typical appointment. Joe needs help with an essay he is working on for his RWS 305W class. Joe is TRiO and has used our services before, so he knows to call ahead and book an appointment. His essay is on the longer side, so in order to give the tutor more time to evaluate and comment on his work, he plans to drop it off a day prior to the meeting. He also includes a copy of the assignment so the tutor knows the criteria for evaluation.

During the meeting, the tutor will discuss the areas for improvement including issues of form, content, grammar, and documentation. Joe can expect that the tutor will mark a page or so of errors, but he knows that it is his responsibility to proofread his essay. Joe also knows to ask questions about things he doesn't understand, that way he can make better use of the session.

After the meeting, Joe inquires about a follow up appointment; the tutor mentions that since Joe is finding the 305 class challenging, he should consider a recurring appointment. Joe likes the idea and books a standing appointment every Tuesday at 12:30, right after his 305 class. That way, questions and issues that arise from the course can be addressed immediately. Joe is one happy camper and is on his way to successful semester.

Want to be like Joe? Give us a call and set up your appointment today: 619-594-5315.