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1. Got Financial Literacy?

2. Do I Really Have a Right to Accommodations?

3. Take another bite out of Lunch and Learn Workshops

4. Attention Students: TRiO is Coming to Blackboard!

5. Meet John: the New Face at the Front Desk

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Got Financial Literacy?      


What is financial literacy?  Well, a big part of it is knowing how to establish and live within a budget. 


However, as a student, it involves so much more: financial aid, loans, grants, all seems quite daunting.  There’s no need to worry: this fall, TRiO will be bringing aboard a Financial Literacy Specialist!  Among other duties, Woman pulling dollars out of her walletthe Financial Literacy Specialist will conduct workshops and one-on-one advising with the goal of enabling participants to progress through the university at a reasonable rate while minimizing student loan debt.  As they say, knowledge is power, and we’ll provide the information to help you make prudent choices for financing your education.  You’ll also get help filling out the FAFSA , which can greatly affect your eligibility for grants and other types of aid.  There’s no need to wait in long lines to find out answers to your financial questions; our Financial Literacy Specialist will be here to work exclusively with TRiO participants.  We’ll be sending further information via e-mail soon, so be on the look-out. 



Do I Really Have a Right to Accomodations?


Every semester it happens: a student expresses frustration over a professor who seems unwilling to let him or her use accommodations for a test.   

Male student taking an exam in an empty study hall Sometimes the professor will say, “I really don’t think you’ll need extra time.”  Sometimes a professor will flat out refuse.  So, what do you do in a situation like this?  First, relax: most issues like this are easily resolved by contacting your Counselor/Access Specialist in SDS.  He or she is specifically here to help ensure that you receive the accommodations to which you are legally entitled. 

Sometimes professors are not well informed of ADA legislation and the rights of those with disabilites.  Once they receive this information, most are helpful and cooperative.  For those rare situations wherein the professor is still resistant, stay calm and contact SDS.  With a little patience and good communication, you’ll see that the problem will be resolved




Take another bite out of Lunch and Learn Workshops


This semester, TRiO is bringing back Lunch & Learn workshops: the relaxed, casual way to enjoy grammar - and more!

We invite you to bring your lunch and relax with us for an hour or so, while possibly picking up a few new tips & tricks that will help you become a better writer.

Every Monday & Thursday at noon, we'll be offering workshops on a variety of writing topics. Lunch will never be the same again. Brush up on comma usage, develop your resume, or unleash your inner poet, all while you eat. Grab your grub from the east commons or bring a sandwich from home. We'll provide the cold water (for refillable bottles) and the learning fun. Click on Workshops for more information!

Picture of a hungry man with plate, fork, and knife

I’m so hungry, I could eat

              a comma splice!”



Attention Students: TRiO is Coming to Blackboard!   


We’re excited about TRiO becoming part of Blackboard.  We’ll have a discussion board, live Logo for Blackboardchat, announcements and more.  It’s an easy way to stay connected with what’s going on and be part of our community.  We’ll also have some writing tutorials and other resources available.  Convenience is our goal:  you’ll be able to access TRiO alongside your other courses without logging in separately.  See you online!

For more information, contact Julie Moss, our project coordinator, at




Meet John: The New Face at the Front Desk

John Class and was born and raised here in beautiful San Diego. He graduated from San Marcos High School in 2001, where he spent most of his time playing guitar in various Picture of John, the new HTC assistantbands.


He left San Diego briefly to pursue a B.A. in history and a single subject teaching credential from CSU Chico. While living in Chico, he worked at the campus High Tech Center and taught technology workshops (HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, et cetera). He is currently pursuing a master's degree in History here at SDSU. After earning his M.A. degree, John plans to obtain a teaching job here in San Diego at the high school or community college level. He has been vegan for five years and enjoys running, swimming, and watching films. In his free time, John can be found either at the beach, at Balboa Park, or in a movie theatre.




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