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Table of Contents

1.Feeling Lost

2.TRiO Transfers

3.Need Money for School? TRiO Can Help!

4.Need a Grammar Refresher? Try Our Computerized Tutorials!

5.Outlines: A Necessary Evil? 

Feeling Lost? Young woman with map looking lost

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed this time of year.  Finding a parking place is stressful enough, but what about your class schedule?  How do you get testing accommodations?  Where exactly is Calpulli Center? We have the answers to many of your most vexing questions.  Think of TRiO as one-stop shopping.  We offer academic advising, writing assistance, help with time management, financial aid, and much more.  If, for some reason, we are unable to help you ourselves, we will do our best to refer you to someone who can. 


TRiO Transfers

If you’re a transfer student who feels lost, we’re here to help you find your way.  We offer workshops especially for you that introduce you to SDSU.  Many of our students transfer from community college where the curriculum can be very different. We’ll help you adjust.  We offer writing assistance and specialized tutoring for Rhetoric and Writing courses and the WPA exam.  We even have a special section of RWS 280 just for TRiO students.  So, take advantage of our services and make the transition to SDSU a stress-free experience.



Money for School?  TRiO Can Help!

Most students would answer an emphatic “yes!” to the question above.  However, many TRiO participants don’t know about our need-based Grant Aid and other available scholarshipsEvery year we award  funds to qualified students to help offset any "unmet need" in the student's school expenses. Qualified students for the TRiO Grant Aid are active TRiO participants who have also been awarded the Pell Grant.   The application process is quite easy.  First, you will fill out a short application with necessary information to establish eligibility.  Second, you will be asked to write a short (one to two page) essay wherein you address your financial need and academic goals.  As for grades, so long as you are in good academic standing, your GPA will not affect eligibility. 

Even those who are not eligible for this particular funding source are likely to find that there are many scholarships out there for which they are eligible. Eligibility criteria varies by scholarship. Some are based on GPA, some on financial need, some are determined by college major or extra-curricular activities, while certain scholarships are exclusively for students with disabilities. Have questions?  Stop by and speak with a TRiO staff member.  We can also help you with writing scholarship application essays in individual tutoring sessions. 


Need a Grammar Refresher? Our Computerized Tutorials Can Help!

Most students have issues with their writing, and almost all would admit to being less than perfect when it comes to grammar.  That’s why we’ve developed self-paced computerized tutorials to help you freshen up a bit. In the High Tech Center, we have one computer specially designated for these tutorials, which you can access at your leisure during regular High Tech Center hours.  With topics like punctuation, pronouns, verbs, and more, you’ll be using terms like coordinating conjunction and actually know what they mean!   If you’re looking for other writing tutorials, we have tutorials covering narration, argument & persuasionbasic college writing, documentation and more.  Come in today and try them risk free!


Outlines:  A Necessary Evil?  

It always comes as a surprise just how many students avoid outlines.  I guess the thought is that they are so rudimentary and basic that only fifth graders need them.  The truth is that professional writers use them all the time.  In fact, I don’t know any good writers who don’t have some means of organizing their ideas before beginning the composition stage of writing.  It would be sort of like heading out on a long trip in your car without a road map.  Is it any wonder that so many students come in with drafts in hand and claim they are “lost”?  In writing, there is always form, and there is always content.  Without thinking about form first, your content will suffer.  So, take a few minutes and start a simple visual outline using boxes to represent paragraphs and make a plan.  I usually don’t recommend the Roman numeral type of outline since so many students physically cringe at the sight, but if that works best for you, by all means use it.  The key is to find what works best for you and helps you find your way without so many detours and dead-ends.  With an outline in place, you’ll get to where you’re going in no time.

  —Steve Haslem