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›How to receive aid if you
  » want to take classes at another college: concurrent enrollment;

  » are approved as a student in a Joint Doctoral Program;

  » are enrolled in an eligible certificate program;

  » are enrolled in the a non-traditional enrollment program such as Executive MBA, and others

  » want to take classes through the CSU Visitor Program.


Eligible non-traditional enrollment and programs have slightly different requirements and processing procedures when applying for and receiving financial aid.

Concurrent Enrollment at Another College

If you are unable to register for the classes you need at SDSU, you may find them at a community college or through the SDSU College of Extended Studies and have the units count toward your financial aid eligibility at SDSU. (Other universities' extension courses cannot be considered.) (San Diego Mesa College and Palomar College do not participate in this process with SDSU.)

For concurrent enrollment classes to be eligible for at least some aid programs at SDSU—

  • you must be enrolled at least half time 6 units as an undergraduate or teaching credential student; 5 units as a graduate) through regular SDSU enrollment,
  • you have not transferred the maximum of 70 units from a community college,
  • you have not transferred the maximum of 24 units of Special Session Extension coursework,
  • the course(s) you take must be transferable towards your SDSU degree,
  • you must be making satisfactory academic progress towards your degree at SDSU, and
  • you submitted a Concurrent Enrollment Agreement to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, and it was approved.

Request that your completed units be transferred at the end of each semester to ensure that you are making satisfactory academic progress and remain eligible to continue receiving aid.

Aid programs that may be reduced or canceled

State University Grant (SUG) and Cal Grant fee assistance programs are specifically designated to pay a portion of California State University fees. If all of your enrolled units are through another college or through the SDSU College of Extended Studies, your SUG or Cal Grant fee assistance will be canceled. The SUG or Cal Grant amount is reduced if you pay California State University fees for up to 6 units.

A Cal-Vet Fee Waiver cannot be used for extended studies fee payment. Vocational rehabilitation, employee or dependent fee waivers, and some veteran benefits may also be affected if some or all of your enrolled units are through another college or through the SDSU College of Extended Studies. Check with the SDSU College of Extended Studies Registrar's Office, the SDSU Veterans Center, or a representative of your state benefit agency.

Concurrent Enrollment Agreements

Concurrent Enrollment Agreements are processed after census (after the drop/add date). Your financial aid will not be adjusted to take into account your community college or SDSU College of Extended Studies units until after the census date* has passed.

* The census date is usually one week after the semester's deadline for adding a course.

Joint Doctoral Programs

San Diego State University offers doctoral programs jointly through agreements with other doctoral granting institutions in California. When students are approved to enroll in a designated Joint Doctoral Program (JDP), they are allowed to use the educational resources at the various campuses.

In any period of enrollment, as a JDP student you may be enrolled in courses at one institution only or at both concurrently.

Procedures for receiving aid

When you complete your FAFSA, list the federal school code of one or both institutions to receive your FAFSA data, depending on the following enrollment conditions.

If you are enrolled entirely through another institution

You must obtain financial aid from that institution. (Check with that institution for their aid application process.)

If you are enrolled only through SDSU

You obtain your financial aid from SDSU.

Complete and submit a Doctoral Program Enrollment Questionnaire. It will be available on your AidLink account after we receive your FAFSA data.

If you are enrolled concurrently at both SDSU (home institution) and another campus (host institution)

You may receive financial aid from either institution, but not from both institutions during the same semester. The campus at which you are enrolled determines where you will receive financial aid.

If you choose to receive your financial aid through SDSU, you must—

  • Complete the Doctoral Program Enrollment Questionnaire that will be available through AidLink after we receive your FAFSA information.
  • Complete a Verification of Enrollment for Joint Doctoral Program Students form, if you are enrolled in less than 5 units at SDSU (home institution). This form is also available through AidLink.

    NOTE: When you are a concurrently enrolled JDP student, you must complete this form each semester that you are enrolled in less than 5 units at SDSU. You may download additional copies of this form from the PDF Forms page, if needed.

Eligibility and Cost

The amount of award for which you are eligible is based on SDSU’s standard cost of attendance or is modified to reflect the cost of attendance at the institution where you are concurrently taking courses (which may differ from one enrollment period to the next).

For other education related expenses unique to your program, complete and submit a Student’s Request for a Budget Increase form.

Certificate Students

SDSU offers a number of nondegree programs leading to certificates. Students who enroll in courses leading to a certificate may be eligible for aid depending on the number of units and length of the course.

To qualify:

  • you must be admitted to SDSU through the main campus
  • you must enroll at least half time
  • the length of the certificate term must be at least 15 weeks.

Eligible certificate programs are:


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Other Non-traditional Enrollment Programs

Many of the courses are off campus or online and students register through the SDSU College of Extended Studies.

  • Executive MBA Program
  • Sports Business Management MBA
  • Master of Science in Regulatory Affairs
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Quality Systems
  • Master of Arts in Educational Technology (online classes only)
  • Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling (online classes only)
  • Semester in Spain

Applying and eligibility for financial aid

To apply for aid, you must complete the federal application and also submit the Special Enrollment Agreement form.

The amount and type of aid for which you are eligible is based on your enrollment, the length of the term, your cost of attendance, and other expenses unique to your program.

NOTE: Students enrolled through the SDSU College of Extended Studies are not eligible to receive a State University Grant or use a Cal-Vet Fee Waiver. Other fee waiver or veteran benefit fee payment programs may also be affected. The SDSU Veterans Center has information about the Cal-Vet Fee Waiver program and other veteran educational benefits. Also check with the SDSU College of Extended Studies Registrar's Office or the state or federal agency paying the benefit.

Units enrolled must be at least half time (6 units for undergraduate students and 5 units as a graduate student).

The term must be at least 15 weeks.

Cost of attendance is calculated using SDSU's standard cost of attendance modified to include the cost of registering through the SDSU College of Extended Studies.

Other expenses: Complete and submit a Student’s Request for a Budget Increase form.

To remain eligible for aid, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

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Visitor Program

SDSU students may attend another CSU campus through the Intrasystem Enrollment Program, usually for one semester only.

Applying for and receive aid

Apply for aid as usual.

Be sure to list SDSU's federal school code of 001151.

We receive notification from the SDSU Registrar that your request to participate in the program is approved. We then send you an e-mail telling you to logon to AidLink where you will download the Visitor's Program Financial Aid Special Program Agreement form. Fill in and submit the form to this office.

Pay basic tuition and fees to your host campus.

SDSU remains your home campus and awards your financial aid by sending a check to the host campus.

Your aid award may be adjusted if your host campus has quarter terms rather than semesters.

The host campus disburses your aid funds.

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