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› We communicate with you by e-mail and through AidLink

How to Use AidLink - a short video guide

› How you logon to AidLink

› AidLink is available 24 hours

› Save time – check AidLink before calling

No AidLink account – could be a Social Security number discrepancy

AidLink and E-mail

Check your e-mail and AidLink accounts regularly.

AidLink Tutorial

Watch this short video -
How to Use AidLink

We communicate with you only by e-mail and through your AidLink account. We use the e-mail address you have on record through your SDSU WebPortal account.

AidLink messages will give you information specific to your application and instructions about additional information you are required to provide for us to determine your financial aid award.

Even if you do not receive an e-mail message from us, it is a good idea to check your AidLink account regularly.

How you logon to AidLink

Logon using your SDSU identification number (Red ID) and university password.

This is the same password you use to access the SDSU WebPortal to check your admission status, register for classes, check your grades, and more.

AidLink Account is Automatic Once you Apply

You have a secure AidLink record once we electronically receive the information you enter on your FAFSA when you apply for aid online (refer to How To Apply). Usually, this is within 7 to 10 days after you apply online.

Also, when you apply for an SDSU scholarship online, you have an AidLink record that you may access at any time to monitor your scholarship application status and awards.


24 hour access to your SDSU financial aid record and your SDSU scholarship applications.

So easy! Logon using your SDSU Red ID and university password.

Information Available Through AidLink

Here are some of the ways you will use AidLink—

  • View your financial aid and scholarship information, instructions and status.
  • Read your messages for instructions and actions you must take to be awarded or receive your funds.
  • Complete and submit some documents online.
  • Download and print documents that you need to submit to us.
  • View and print your financial aid and scholarship awards.
  • Activate (request) your student loans.

No AidLink account - Social Security number does not match

If the Social Security number you used on your FAFSA does not match the number you used (if any) on your application for admission to the university, we will not be able to display your FAFSA record on AidLink nor will be know when you have been admitted to the university.

If this describes your situation, contact us for instruction.

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