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New Student and Parent Programs Update

The Office of New Student and Parent Programs completed another successful orientation season in 2008.  We hosted 15 orientation programs on campus an in Northern California, serving more than 6,500 students and an additional 5,500 guests. 

New university initiatives triggered the enhancement of our session regarding student conduct on campus and in the community.  Last year, the “Being an SDSU Citizen” workshop was piloted to new students to discuss the SDSU Student Code of Conduct and students’ rights and responsibilities as members of the SDSU community.  After receiving feedback from participants and Ambassadors as well as new policies for students, the session was significantly modified to relay a stronger message and signify the importance of the information.  Staff from University Police, Student Rights and Responsibilities, and Counseling and Psychological Services facilitated the session.  Students received an Honor Affirmation declaring their commitment to the Student Code of Conduct.  In addition, students were informed that they are required to take the online E-Chug assessment to evaluate their drinking habits and compare their alcohol intake to national averages.

For the past seven years we have traveled to Sacramento for our orientation programs in Northern California.  Our freshman and transfer programs typically run concurrently one day to accommodate both student populations.  Due to the high demand for our Northern California program, we separated our transfer and freshman programs, offering two different programs in Sacramento.  The separate programs allowed staff and Ambassadors to focus more time with each student population and give students the attention they deserve at our orientation programs.

Following our New Student Orientation programs was the 6th annual New Student and Family Convocation hosted by Vice President for Student Affairs, James R. Dr. Kitchen. More than 7,000 students and families participated in the ceremonial event on Saturday, August 30.  The event featured the “band run” from the residence halls to the arena and was followed by the Transfer Student and Family Receptions.  During the ceremony, current SDSU Ambassador Vice President Scott Sabens, sang the national anthem and alma mater. 

Welcome Week and Aztec Nights took place the first week of the fall semester through the first five weekends. New Student and Parent Programs was an integral part of the events. More than 15 events that took place the first week of school were coordinated in the office of New Student and Parent Programs.

Family Weekend ended our busiest time of the year on September 26 and 27.  More than 500 families participated in the weekend’s festivities, which included a Picnic and Serenade, pep-rally, breakfast with President Stephen Weber, and an Aztecs Football game. 

The Office of New Student and Parent Programs is keeping busy with involvement in numerous professional associations.  The National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) Conference took place in Boston and the upcoming National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Conference will take place in Seattle.  SDSU staff and administrators will present at the conference along with current Aztec Parents Association Board members. 

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