Transition to ServiceNow Annoucement

  • Starting Feb 1, 2021, all SA+CD employees are to start using ServiceNow for IT work request.
  • That means starting Feb 1, 2021, all new IT work request are to be submitted in ServiceNow.
  • After Feb 1, 2021, you can still login to IssueTrak to review and work on any open IT work request.
  • ServiceNow link is: (

Are You Having Computer Problems?

If you are a member of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity and are experiencing a computer problem, please use ServiceNow to submit an IT work request.

Submitting an IT work request in ServiceNow will quickly notify Technology Services about each new request and allows you to track the status of your request.

For Your Information

There is no longer an actual IT department name Technology Services in the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity. This departmental website exist only as a place holder and communication for IT work-related needs. All IT services for the Division of Student Affairs and Campus Diversity is basically provided by the Division of Information Technology.