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Greek Registration

All prospective new members must pass an online assessment to test their understanding of campus policies and general alcohol and drug information and will be required to affirm their support of SDSU expectations of Greek community members.

The program consists of an online presentation containing information on the following five topics: Greek Life Information and Policies, Alcohol and Other Drug Information, Hazing Information, SDSU Judicial Policies, and Legal Information. Questions are intersperced between sections and students must answer each question correctly before proceeding to the next section.

Potential members must complete Greek Registration prior to being issued an invitation to join. Fraternities and sororities will be notified of potential new members who have successfully completed Greek Registration.

Please allow yourself about 30 minutes to complete Greek Registration.

At the end please select the councils you are registering for (IFC, NPHC, Panhellenic, or USFC)

**Click here for Fall 2013 Recruitment Registration