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Fall 2010 Newsletter

Message from SDSU President Stephen L. Weber

photo: President WeberIn my last year as president of San Diego State University, I have been reflecting on the great accomplishments the university has achieved during my tenure, thanks to the efforts of so many dedicated faculty, staff and community partners. One accomplishment that I take great pride in is the Compact for Success Program, now entering its 11th year. [read more]

Message from the Compact for Success Director Lou Murillo

photo of Lou MurilloCompact for Success recently celebrated its 10th birthday. San Diego State University is proud to have partnered with the Sweetwater Union High School District to create the program that has brought so many opportunities to Sweetwater graduates. [read more]

Mission Statement

Compact for Success is the systemic education initiative created to support the mission of the Sweetwater Union High School District. [read our full mission statement]

The History of Compact for Success

Sweetwater Superintendent Ed Brand and SDSU President Stephen L. Weber met to chart a course that would bring these two educational institutions together in a new Compact for Success. [read more]

Where it Starts: The 7th Grade Campus Visit

Thousands of 7th graders, their parents, and staff from the Sweetwater Union High School District visited SDSU during the 10th Annual 7th Grade Campus Visit in October, 2009. [read more]

More than 10 Years of a Unique High School/University Partnership

The Compact for Success program celebrated its 10th Anniversary this past academic year. The partnership between San Diego State University and the Sweetwater Union High School District has grown over the years, but its ambition still remains the same: to make college a reality for students who face significant educational challenges as long as they follow the five benchmarks outlined within the program. [read more]

Who Are the Compact Advisors?

group photo of the Compact for Success advisorsCompact for Success Advisors are selected based primarily on their academic standing at SDSU since the program wants only the best to serve as role models for Sweetwater's middle and high school students. [meet the Compact Advisors]

The SDSU Compact Scholars

Students find continued support after entering the university. [read more]

Compact for Success Core Activities and Programs

Compact for Success offers a variety of programs and activities to help students get on track and stay on track for a college education. [read more]

Compact for Success Partners

In addition to San Diego State University and the Sweetwater Unified High School District, two other partners play a critical role in helping the Compact for Success.

SDSU’s Peer Counseling Program

SDSU’s pilot Peer Counseling Program initiated in spring 2010. It provides information, campus visits, and workshops to students at Southwestern College to make transfering to SDSU more seamless and assure greater academic success. [read more]


San Diego State University has partnered with the Chula Vista Elementary School District to bring the Kids2College Program, a new component of the nationally recognized Compact for Success Program, to over 400 6th-graders. [read more]

SDSU Helps Champion Hispanic Higher Ed Success

SDSU was the host university for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities 2010 annual conference. As a kickoff event, SDSU held a Youth Leadership Forum for local 8th grade students. [read more]