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March 2010

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New Residential Options for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Deep discounts and programs geared for transitioning from college to careers

SDSU realizes the importance of students living on campus. Although sophomores, juniors and seniors have always had the opportunity to live on campus, for the first time, starting next fall, the university will introduce residential programming options that had only been offered to freshmen. Additionally, upper division students will be offered deep discounts to live on campus.

photo of a student in a residence hall roomSecond Year Living Experience

The Chapultepec Residence Hall will be home to a new program designed specifically for returning sophomore residents. A residential education program has been created that will provide support and services appropriate to a second year student. The front desk will be staffed 24 hours per day and Residential Education staff known, as Community Assistants will be available to residents on their floors. Community Assistants (CA), like a Resident Advisor (RA), help students when problems arise; they will focus on helping students when asked and offer important assistance at key times of the year. The hall will be open over the breaks at no additional charge. Early move-in will be available at a low daily rate.

Second year students choosing this program will be offered a double room at special discount compared to current rates. The sophomore slump is a common phenomenon at universities throughout the country. There are many services for freshmen; however few of those services are carried over to the sophomore year. Programs in the Second Year Experience will focus on assisting students in the development of an academic plan and career path. Study abroad opportunities will also be highlighted in the Second Year Living Experience.

Upper Division Experience

This new program at University Towers is for junior and seniors including students who may have never before lived on campus. For a substantially reduced fee, residents will enjoy a double room (with a roommate) and the UD Flex Meal plan for the academic year. Included in the housing contract will be an Internet connection, cable TV, water, electricity and other living amenities. Residential Education will staff the front desk and be available to residents on their floors on a limited basis. The Residential Education staff members will be available to engage students on issues related with the college to career transition. ARC membership is included. The hall will be open over the breaks (excluding summer) at no additional charge. Early move-in will be available at a low daily rate.

Villa Alvarado (VA) Apartments for Lease

Upper division students will be given preference to lease a VA apartment. Students will find their own roommates and all residents will sign a lease for a specific apartment. All residents will be responsible for paying the rent in one transaction each month online. There will be no individual space contracts and no residential education staff. A business manager will reside on site.

Rates for on-campus housing will not increase, and in many cases, decrease from current rates.

Hall, Room Type, and Meal Plan 2009/10 Total Housing Cost 2010/11 Total Housing Cost Total Savings
Residence Hall, Double as a Single, 10 Meal Plan
Cuicacalli Suite, Single, 10 Meal Plan
Chapultepec, Double, Returners Flex Meal Plan
Chapultepec, Super Single/Double as a Single, Returners Flex Meal Plan
University Towers, Upper Division, Mini-Suite Double,(09/10) Returners Flex Meal Plan, (10/11) UD Flex Meal Plan

Housing license agreements will be available by March 15 online at


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