Testing Services

  Incoming Transfers
Are you an incoming student transferring from another institution?

All incoming transfer students must satisfy basic proficiency requirements.

Applicable Exams
Exam Details How to Register
Chemistry Department Placement Exam
  • Applies to: Newly admitted freshmen, newly admitted transfer students, and current students.
  • Details for Chem
Liberal Studies Mathematics Proficiency Assessment
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Mathematics Placement Assessment
  • Applies to: Students intending to enroll in MATH 141 (Precalculus), MATH 150 (Calculus) or MATH 124 (Calculus for the Life Sciences).
  • Details for Math Placement
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Writing Placement Assessment (WPA)
  • All SDSU students are required to satisfy the CSU Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement [GWAR].
  • Details for WPA
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Students requesting Accommodations   

Students with accommodations already authorized by the SDSU Student Ability Success Center (SASC), and placed on the SDSU Testing Services reservation system by SASC, should email Testing Services at staar@sdsu.edu. Include your name, Red ID, and name of test.