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Publicity Ideas for Student Organizations

photo of students making a posterPublicity is very important to any organization.  Good publicity allows organizations to attract new members, raise money and awareness, announce programs and services, and educate the community.  Therefore, for your organization's publicity to bring results, careful and thorough planning should be put into your campaign.  Start early!

The most effective publicity allows the reader to quickly grasp all the important facts of the program while being creative and eye-catching at the same time.  Promotional materials should be clearly printed with a message designed to evoke a response from the viewer.  It is more important for your message to be clear and understandable than for your items of publicity to be extremely artistic.

Things to consider before you begin a publicity campaign:

Essential items to include in all publicity

A few other suggestions:

cartoon: a wing walker throwing fliers from an airplaneYour organization has invested a lot of time and energy into sponsoring an upcoming event.  Now the only question is, "Will they come?"  With so many things happening on campus, how will the publicity for your event stand out from all the others?


Information must be truthful, attractive, easily understood, tasteful and informative.

Here are some reasons why publicity fails

After your event

Have fun with your publicity!  It's the little extras that make a BIG DIFFERENCE. 

Here's to a great year with highly attended events!