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Student Code of Conduct/Disciplinary Procedures

Student organizations are responsible for adherence to the Student Organization Code of Conduct (MS Word file: download Microsoft Word viewer if needed). In addition, individual members and officers who may have committed violations of the Student Code of Conduct (outlined in Section 41301 of the California Code of Regulations, published in the SDSU General Catalog) may be referred to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities for individual disciplinary review.

Sanctions for organizational violations may include, but are not limited to: reprimands, restitution, apologies, probation, suspension in abeyance, participation in educational workshops, educational presentations to other organizations or groups, community service, monetary fines, constructive requirements appropriate for the offense, suspension of specific privileges (e.g., restriction of posting or tabling privileges on campus, not being allowed to have alcoholic beverages at organization activities for a specified period of time, etc.), and suspension or revocation of official recognition.

Reports of alleged violations by student organizations are referred to Student Life & Leadership for preliminary investigation. If it appears that a violation may have occurred, Student Life & Leadership will conduct an Informal Judicial Conference with the organization president or chair. The student organization advisor or another officer of the organization may accompany the organization president or chair to the conference. If the matter involves a conflict between two or more parties, Student Life & Leadership may invite representatives from the entities involved to attempt to resolve the conflict through mediation.

If Student Life & Leadership determines that a violation did occur, a Settlement Agreement may be offered to the organization. If the organization does not accept the Agreement or if the organization fails to comply with the terms of the Agreement, the case will be referred to the Student Organization Judicial Board (SOJB) for a formal hearing.  If it is determined that a full evidentiary hearing is necessary to determine if a violation has occurred or if suspension of official recognition appears to be an appropriate sanction, the case may be referred to the SOJB for a formal hearing without offering the organization a Settlement Agreement. Refer to the SOJB Manual (MS Word file) for hearing procedures. The SOJB issues a report to the Director of Student Life & Leadership, including findings and recommended sanctions for violations. Decisions involving suspension of official recognition are made by the Vice President for Student Affairs in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Campus Life.

For serious cases, including but not limited to, hazing incidents, incidents involving injuries, drug activity, etc., the Vice President for Student Affairs may impose an Interim Suspension on a student organization pending the outcome of an investigation. When special circumstances warrant it, the Vice President for Student Affairs may elect an alternate adjudication of a case, including referral to a Student Organization Review Panel.