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General Information about Advisors


Advisor eligibility

All student organizations are required to have an eligible on-campus SDSU staff or faculty advisor. Advisors must be either part-time or full-time employees. (Auxiliary staff and student assistants are not eligible to serve as advisors.) Employee eligibility and confirmation of status is verified when organizations apply for official recognition status. The advisor is an integral part of the organization, and he or she should be someone who is familiar with the group’s area of interest or mission.

Advisor handouts

( PDF file: download Adobe Acrobat Reader, if needed. MS Word files: download Microsoft Word viewer, if needed.)

Overview of role and responsibilities

The advisor:

  1. Must attend a mandatory advisor orientation.
  2. Serves as an advisor and guide.
  3. Is aware of the policies and procedures for student organizations contained in the handbook and knows university policy affecting such groups; also ensures that the student leaders of the organization are informed of these policies.
  4. Is aware of their student organization activities and programs and provides signature authority on event approval forms.
  5. Encourages leadership development of organization’s members and informs them of various leadership opportunities across campus.
  6. Assists with organizational continuity and officer transition.
  7. Alerts student leaders of possible organizational problems and encourages them to explore a variety of strategies to solve such problems.
  8. Serves, where possible, as a liaison with faculty, staff, and the outside community.
  9. Encourages student leaders to critically examine the organization's structure and activities to ensure compliance with university regulations and to avoid any liability.
  10. Holds an annual meeting with the officers and members of the organization to clearly define the advisor’s role.
  11. Must attend controversial or risky programs, activities, or meetings.


Helpful Advisor Resources


Student Activities – Executive Order 1068