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Leadership Programs


In a world that is changing rapidly, there is a need for leaders who possess a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face in the 21st century. Committed and well-prepared leaders are essential to our ability to tackle these challenges. San Diego State University leadership programs serve as a leading resource in educating, training and motivating tomorrow's leaders to address our most critical problems and shape a better world.

The leadership programs at San Diego State University are designed to have a profound and lasting impact on our students, community and the world by delivering an innovative leadership curriculum with a multicultural approach. Using a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program to develop students' leadership skills, the leadership programs will empower students to think creatively and prepare them to change the world.


Coming to SDSU in Fall 2015? Visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website at  and search for "All Majors" and "Undergraduate" and take a look at the VPSA Leadership Scholarship for First-Time Freshmen. Applications are due by March 18, 2015 by 3:00pm Pacific Time.

Returning to SDSU in Fall 2015? Visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships website at  and search for "All Majors" and "Undergraduate" and take a look at the Rising Star Scholarship. Applications are due by April 10, 2015 by 3:00pm Pacific Time.


Relational Leadership

Our leadership programs are based upon the relational leadership model. We believe this is the best way for leaders of today to learn the tools necessary to make a difference tomorrow. Relational Leadership refers to a leadership model that focuses on the idea that leadership effectiveness has to do with the ability of the leader to create positive relationships within the organization. According to Susan R. Komives and Timothy R. McMahon, relational leadership consists of five main values:

Leadership Images

Linking context to classwork and theory is an important aspect of learning at San Diego State University. To this end, the leadership images represented below were designed by students in the SDSU School of Art, Design, and Art History as part of a class project.

Leadership Education logoThis image was designed to be a symbol of learning and growth. This is represented through the tree whose leaves in the center represent the themes used to promote leadership: Development, Recognition, Education, and Training.

Leadership Recognition logoThis image was designed to represent leadership as something energetic and positive. The sun is the single-most important natural object that keeps us healthy and influences our lifestyle, especially here in San Diego. The center ray of the sun takes on a leadership position as it shines higher, reaching for a goal, much like our student leaders whom we recognize.

Leadership Development logoTo be a great leader a person must know how to assemble all of the pieces of knowledge and skills together, which is much like putting together a puzzle. Once a student attends SDSU Leadership Development programs, they will begin to discover and understand the missing piece of the puzzle.