Letter to Parents


Dear Parents and Family Members,


We congratulate your student for deciding to study abroad as we hope he/she will find the experience to be both fulfilling and transformative.  Furthermore, thank you for offering your material and emotional support to your student through the process of planning, participation and return from the international program.


Learning abroad holds numerous benefits in the academic, professional and developmental arenas.  It will likely be one of the most exciting and influential experiences of your student’s life.  The period is full of newness and difference, which is important, but those exotic aspects and the subsequent feelings also make understanding the cultural adjustment process critical.


San Diego State University strives to provide all participants the advice, knowledge and tools they need to maximize their experiences abroad.  Our main goal is to empower students to make good decisions that first and foremost protect themselves, but also allow them to become more self-sufficient, resourceful and cross-culturally competent.  Our staff provides students a well-rounded set of services before, during and after their study abroad program, including personal advising, pre-departure and re-entry programming and referral to other SDSU divisions such as financial aid and health services.


The International Student Center is student-centered.  Consequently, we purposefully communicate with and send all correspondence to students directly.  We aim for students to be fully prepared to take on the personal responsibilities of traveling, studying and living abroad.  While we are pleased to respond to inquiries from parents and family members, in most cases, we cannot share student specific information due to FERPA student privacy regulations.  Therefore, we encourage you to discuss any questions and concerns first with your student and allow him/her to find the answers.


If you are looking to collect more general information on the study abroad process, then please begin with the links below.  There is much more information available elsewhere on this site, so do not hesitate to browse.


Thank you again for your support because it only serves what we hope is our mutual goal, a more critically minded, culturally sensitive and globally informed SDSU graduate.




Noah W.Hansen, M.A.

Acting Director
International Student Center
San Diego State University