Academic Fit


Study abroad can be a big investment, both financially and emotionally, so it is important to select a program that fits your academic needs. If not already, we recommend examining your degree audit to identify all remaining graduation requirements. After conducting research on what courses are offered at each institution you are considering, you should ask yourself:


Does this program offer coursework that will satisfy my graduation requirements?
Does this program allow me to stay on track to graduation?


If you are unsure of answers to these questions, then please review our Academic Information webpage and discuss your options with your academic advisors. They can assist you in identifying a good term to go abroad and what courses abroad will be equivalent to SDSU courses. Consider how well a program actually fits into your overall degree plan. It is extremely important to begin academic planning early, so you have the most flexibility of requirements to fulfill while studying abroad.


Some students choose to study abroad program partly to explore a potential major or minor subject area or gain a different perspective on a topic. If you choose this route, then it is even more important to have clear goals and not  lose  a term.