FAQs: Accepted Students


For Accepted Students

How long will it take to receive an official decision of acceptance?

It depends on the program. Generally, once all your materials are submitted to our office we send them to your host institution. It will take between 2 – 10 weeks to process and receive an official acceptance. Your advisor will be in contact with you throughout the process.

I’ve been accepted—now what?

Be sure you meet with your study abroad advisor. They will give you the necessary forms to make sure you receive your financial aid, academic credit, etc. and will discuss your options, such as housing.

Where do I get an Academic Approval Form to get my classes preapproved?

You can only obtain an Academic Approval Form from your study abroad advisor. Please make an appointment to meet with your advisor.

What if I missed the October 15 (for spring) or April 15 (for fall) deadline for completing requirements and turning in documents?

Please contact your advisor for an extension. All requirements must be fulfilled before going abroad or you may not receive academic credit upon return.

When should I buy my plane ticket?

Please wait until you have officially been accepted by your host university and you have completed all prerequisite requirements for both SDSU and your host university.

Can I get help paying for my flight?

If you receive financial aid, you qualify for STA Travel’s deposit program!  This program allows you to book a flight for a $300 deposit.  Then you have up until 1 week before your departure date to pay the balance.  Please contact STA Travel for details.

How should I prepare to go abroad?

Many host universities provide admitted students with a list of items to bring and ways to prepare for their upcoming semester abroad. You can research weather/climate, travel opportunities, school requirements and other country-specific topics online. Search through your host university website, the host country embassy website and travel sites like WikiTravel to prepare yourself.

What do I do if I want to withdraw from my program?

Please contact your study abroad advisor.  Failure to do so will result in registration holds.

How will I receive my financial aid while studying abroad?

After the starting date of the SDSU semester and after the University Disbursements has received confirmation on official letter head from your host university of your enrollment from the school you are attending abroad, your aid will be released.  If you use your financial aid to cover SDSU registration fees, these will automatically be deducted and the remainder will be mailed to you or sent to you via direct deposit if you have made such arrangements.

Please note: If you participate in the CSU International Program, CSU IP will notify Disbursements on your behalf of your enrollment so you will not need to do this.  Do note that your money will be forwarded to the CSU Chancellor's Office to cover your costs. Any remaining funds would then be released to you by the Chancellor's Office per your instructions.

The verification letter mentioned above needs to be sent on letterhead.  It needs to state the dates that you are enrolled and it needs to give the number of units you are enrolled in and signed by your overseas coordinator. Ask your host university abroad to mail, fax or scan/email the letter to:


San Diego State University 
Student Financial Services  Attn: Debbie Hegmann
5500 Campanile Ave. 
San Diego, CA 92182-7425
Fax: (619) 594-2568