Studying in Japan through most SDSU education abroad programs requires early planning during your academic career at SDSU. For information about the programs, meet with Dr. Yoshiko Higurashi, Director, Japan International Programs and Japanese Language Program, at SDSU: Education Business Administration (EBA) 323, yhigurashi@mail.sdsu.edu. After meeting with Dr. Higurashi, visit the Education Abroad office at the International Student Center on campus for more information.


Application Requirements and Selection Criteria for SDSU Exchange and ISEP programs to Japan:

*Applications for academic year or semester programs (fall or the following spring of the same academic school year) are due by October 15 of the previous academic year. Specific application procedures are provided by Dr. Higurashi.*


1. An applicant must be an official matriculated SDSU student at the time of application.

2. An applicant must be enrolled in Japanese in both the fall and spring semesters prior to his/her departure and receive a C or above. If C- or below is received, the Selection Committee will rescind its positive recommendation and notify the universities in Japan.

3. If an applicant misses 25% or more of a Japanese language class at SDSU, the Selection Committee will rescind its nomination, regardless of his/her course grade. Three tardies will be counted as one absence.

4. An applicant must maintain the minimum GPA of 2.5. He/she is required to submit an unofficial transcript at the time of application and at the end of the same fall semester (to Dr. Higurashi).  In addition, in the Spring semester prior to his/her departure, he/she is required to submit an OFFICIAL transcript (in its sealed envelope, from the Registrar’s Office) to the Education Abroad office by February 20th and an unofficial transcript to Dr. Higurashi by the end of the semester.

5. An applicant must include letters of reference from two faculty members in the complete application packet.

6. An applicant must have a favorable interview with the Selection Committee.


SDSU Exchange Programs



S = Semester, Y = Academic Year


ISEP Programs*



*NOTE: Although ISEP may offer more program options in Japan, the universities listed above are the only programs approved for SDSU students to attend.


CSU-International Programs


*Applications for CSU-International Programs are handled through the Education Abroad office at the International Student Center and are due December 15 for the following academic year.*




Independent Programs