Academic Information

Before going abroad, you and your departmental advisor will complete an Academic Approval Form to determine course equivalencies. Students who plan ahead and work closely with their academic advisors usually get full credit for classes they take abroad.


For coursework not approved beforehand, you will need to petition for credit upon your return to SDSU. 


The petition form is available at your major department.


Students going abroad can receive one of two kinds of credit:


Resident Credit


This is credit that applies to your residency requirement at SDSU. Even though these units were taken abroad, the following types of programs typically award resident credit:


  • SDSU Exchange
  • ISEP Exchange
  • CSU-IP
  • SDSU Faculy Led Programs
  • many College of Extended Studies Programs


Transfer Credit


Units taken on a non-SDSU program or ISEP Direct are typically awarded transfer credit. SDSU and your department have limits on the amount of transfer credit you can apply toward your degree.

***You must check with your department and an Academic Advisor to find out how the units they take abroad will be counted at SDSU***