Frequently Asked Summer Bridge Questions

EOP Summer Bridge / SDSU FAST Eligibility:


Q- I have been notified by SDSU I will have to participate in the FAST (Freshman Academic Success Track) Program during the summer, can I still participate in EOP's Summer Bridge Program?

A- Follow all instructions for FAST and attend all mandatory events as instructed. Once we confirm receipt of your summer bridge application materials, we will notify you and place you in Summer Bridge courses that will meet your summer requirement needs. Please refer all questions about FAST to Office of Admissions at 619.594.6336 or email, Once you are placed in Summer Bridge, you are REMOVED from FAST.

How To Apply:


Q- What are the starting and ending dates of the program?

A- The 2018 BEST Summer Bridge Program will begin July 8th and end 5-weeks from the start date on August 10th.

Q- How and when will I be notified if accepted/denied to Summer Bridge?

A- Generally all applicants will be notified of their application status (acceptance, waitlist or denial) no later than June 16th.

Preparations for the Residential Program:

Q- Are laptops/tablets/printers allowed?

A- Yes, if a student has a personal laptop or desktop computer they may bring it with them to the program, however it is the responsibility of the student to maintain the security of his/her possessions.

Q- How much money should the student bring?

A- As a residential participant, at minimum students should bring $10 for the cost of laundry.  Additional spending money is at the discretion of each participant.

    As a Commuter student additional spending money is at the discretion of each participant. All meals will be provided during extended periods while on campus or while the participant is engaged in program related activities.

Q- What type of shopping is available on campus?

A- Students may purchase snack items from local on-campus markets, medication items may be purchased from the on-campus pharmacy and general SDSU gear and school supplies can be purchased at the Bookstore.

Travel to the Residential Program:

Q- What date/time frame should the student arrive?

A- Students should schedule flights, train, or bus arrivals to arrive in San Diego no later than 12pm the day of check-in (July 8, 2018).


Q- What date/time frame do I drop off the student on move-in day?

A- Students arriving by car should arrive at University Towers Residence Hall no later than 1:00pm.

Q- Will transportation be provided?

A- Students needing assistance from the San Diego Airport should contact the program assistant at no later than June 24, 2018.

Q- At the end of the program what date/time frame should the student book the return flight?

A- Departing flight arrangements on the final day should be no earlier than 6pm.  Students will complete final exams on Friday, August 10th @ 4 pm and will need additional time to complete all necessary packing.

Q- At the end of the program, will transportation be provided to the airport?

A- Students will need to notify the Program Coordinator if they will need transportation to the San Diego Airport, which will be provided by a Summer Bridge staff member.



Q- How are rooms assigned?

A- Students are placed in rooms of the same gender based on demographic information and other criteria by the Program Coordinator.

Q- Can we request a specific roommate?

A- No.  Students are placed with students of the same gender and are paired by the Program Coordinator.  No requests for specific roommates will be granted and/or room assignments be changed.

While in the Residential Program:

Q- I understand students in the program are not allowed cars.  Why?

A- Residential student live on campus.  All resources and transportation will be provided. This is for liability and safety concerns.

Q- What happens to the student’s car if they must drive themselves to the program?

A- Keys MUST be turned over to the Program Coordinator.  Vehicle keys will be returned to students upon the student's release from the program. Residential students who bring a vehicle to campus must pay for an SDSU parking permit or risk being ticketed and/or towed by campus parking administration.

Information on parking passes can be found here.

Q- How often can I (parent/guardian/etc.) visit the student?

A- There is absolutely no visitation permitted.

Q- Is there a curfew?

A- Yes.  All residential students must be in the residence hall by 10 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends.

Q- Will the student have access to the internet?

A- Internet access is available at the SDSU Library, EOP office and throughout campus.

Q- What medical facilities are available to the student?

A- Access to Student Health Services is available for all students at the SDSU Calpulli Center ( (M-F, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

Q- Will the student have access to exercise facilities?

A- Yes.  All students will be provided with FREE membership to the Aztec Recreation Center and Aquaplex.

Q- Where are the laundry facilities?

A- Laundry facilities are available within the residence hall.

  • $1.25 per wash cycle
  • $1 per drying cycle

Q- What classes will the student take?

A- Students are placed in General Education courses based upon their academic need.

Q- How many units will the student earn?

A- Student may earn up to 6 units.

Q- What about my books for my summer classes?

A- Student will purchase their books the morning of the first day of class. Funds for books are provided to students through financial aid which is scheduled to be disbursed a few days prior to the start of classes.

Q- What supervision will be provided for off campus events?

A- Summer Bridge and EOP staff will supervise all student activities. There are 7 dedicated staff members with the students at all times.

Q- Can the student getaway for family events?

A- No. Summer Bridge is a full commitment from July 8th through August 10th. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Q- Can I work during Summer Bridge?

A- As a Residential student. You Absolutely cannot work. You need to make arrangements with your employer for the five weeks.

As a commuter student you are only excused from the Summer Bridge activities after Program Release Times on the calendar. You can work but it is not recommended during the program because of the impacted schedule of the courses, workshops, and activities.


Q- What is the difference between the residential and the commuter Summer Bridge Programs?

A- The residential program requires participants to live on campus throughout the duration of the program.  Commuter participants live at home and commute to and from the SDSU campus for all program related events. All programs related events are MANDATORY.

If you are a Guardian Scholar (GS), please visit the GS Welcome Table after checking in for Summer Bridge on July 8th.