Financial Aid Resources

Please Note: The CA DREAM Act is still in effect!!

DACA is separate from the CA DREAM Act

As an undocumented student at SDSU, you may be eligible for Financial Aid resources such as CA DREAM Act, CA DREAM Loan and Scholarships as seen below.


The California Dream Act allows children who were brought into the US under the age of 16 (without proper visas/immigration documentation) to apply for certain student financial aid benefits.

These students must meet certain criteria (as defined by AB 540) to apply for and, if eligible, receive:

• CSU and SDSU financial aid (the State University Grant and California Dream Loan)

• State financial aid (certain Cal Grants and the Middle-Class Scholarship-if eligible)

For more information about CA DREAM Act visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS)  )



For undocumented students who are AB 540/CA DREAM Act-eligible.

• SDSU scholarships for undocumented students. The Office of Financial Aid. Scholarships provides a search tool where you can research for scholarships open to those who are eligible for the CA.

• Privately funded scholarships (eligibility is established by the scholarship donors)

DREAM Act and AB 540 status