AB540 Students

California Dream Act of 2013

The California Dream Act of 2013, authored by Assembly Member Gil Cedillo (Los Angeles), became law through the passage of two Assembly Bills, AB 130 (pdf) and AB 131 (pdf).

AB 130 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria (California Education Code 68130.5(a) (pdf)) to apply for and receive non-state funded scholarships for public colleges and universities.

Financial Aid

AB 131 allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive state-funded financial aid such as institutional grants, community college fee waivers, Cal Grant and Chafee Grant. You can apply for financial aid through the California Dream Act application which can be found at http://www.csac.ca.gov/dream_act.asp. This website will give you full information about the benefits you can now receive as a result of the California Dream Act.

AB 540 Students Can Apply to EOP

AB 540 students now may also apply to EOP programs as long as they are either low income and/or first generation college students. To apply for EOP, applicants need to submit their CSU admission application on www.CSUMentor.edu, during the specified application period. Right before the end of the application you will see “Are you interested in applying to EOP?” Select YES and then in the next page you will follow a link to begin the online EOP Application.

*Marking yes does not indicate applying to EOP. You must finish the EOP application.

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