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Prospective Students

  • Fall 2016 Prospective Students Applying to SDSU for Fall 2016? Are you low income and first generation to go to college?

    1. Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) application opened on CSUMentor beginning October 1, 2015 for the Fall 2016 academic year.
    2. You MUST be admitted to SDSU in order to be admitted to EOP!!!
    3. The LAST SDSU EOP Application priority deadlines are:
    4. January 15, 2016 for incoming First Time Freshmen
      January 21, 2016 for incoming Transfer students

      NEW regualr SDSU EOP Application deadline is February 29,2016 (post mark is OK)


    5. DEADLINES for the EOP program at other CSU campuses are available on the CSU Mentor website: https://secure.csumentor.edu/Filing_Status/Default.asp applicants are responsible for submitting their EOP application and checking their status at each campus of interest.
    6. The EOP application consists of three parts; a biographical statement, two letters of recommendation and proof of family income- click here for more information
    7. Click here to see if you meet EOP Income Guidelines
    8. It is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with our office to inquire if their application is complete.   Please have your SDSU RED ID with you when you call for a “status check of your EOP application."
    9. Per our CSU guidelines, you are no longer eligible once you have begun attending at a CSU and you cannot apply next fall term. This is a one-time opportunity!
    10. Applying to other CSU's? do not forget to apply for EOP as well. Deadlines will vary please visit CSU Mentor to check (enter EOP and term: fall 2016)
    11. Attention: Do not EMAIL EOP staff personnel any application documents (LORS, INCOME INFORMATION, TAX INFORMATION, or any other application-related documents). No exceptions.
      Please call our office 619-594-6298 OR email us at eopadmis@mail.sdsu.edu Include your full name, RED ID, which term you are applying to and your question(s).
      For information on how to send these documents please click here
    ** If you recently submitted your application, Recommendation form(s) and/or taxes. Call Mon- Fri after 2pm to request a “status check” and have your SDSU RED ID handy.

    Need help filing your Financial Aid (FAFSA OR CA Dream act)? Check out the Cash For College Workshop provided by CAL SOAP programs

    * Local San Diego county students check out the CAL Soap San Diego and Imperial Counties website http://sandiegocalsoap.com/star/Events#3

    * Other CA CAL SOAP programs can be searched for on CA Student Aid Commission http://www.csac.ca.gov/doc.asp?id=216
  • Prospective Students (not currently enrolled) - interested in EOP for Spring 2016?

    If you have been admitted for spring 2016 at SDSU main campus:

    Please submit your COMPLETED (EOP paper application which includes 2 recommender forms and proof of income- ie taxes from 2014) EOP application by December 21, 2015 post mark, fax or deliver in person. No emails) found here.

  • AB 540 Students

    Fall 2016 new students are now eligible for EOP!

    What is an AB 540 student? An undocumented student who meets certain criteria may be eligible for AB 540 status and able to pay in-state tuition.

    Quick Tips for AB 540 students filling out a college application:

    1. Fill out all information correctly, including questions pertaining to you or your parents’ residency. If you do not answer accurately you may be classified as a foreign student and subject to nonresident tuition fees!
    2. If you do qualify for AB 540 status, please self-identify as such for SDSU admissions and EOP.
    3. Follow up on all requests and/or forms from your campus regarding residency questionnaires. If you have concerns or questions you can call the Admission office and ask for residency personnel that can help you. Everything stays confidential!
    4. Adhere to deadlines! This is VERY important as you may miss out on important information or opportunities.
    5. Fill out CA DREAM ACT–NOT the FAFSA (*even if you have been provided with a social security number via DACA; this is for work purposes only). Filing the incorrect form will DELAY your financial aid award! The deadline is March 2, 2016!

    The AB 540 web page has been updated with valuable information. Please click here for scholarships and other useful resources.

Keep in touch with EOP

  • Need to submit your info for our contact card that you received from EOP Representative??

Current & Incoming SDSU EOP Students

  • EOP Newly Admitted Incoming Students

    SDSU & EOP Fall 2015 ADMITTED students, you must be cleared for the mandatory EOP First Contact.

    Click here for more information

  • EOP CAAT offers the following...

    Writing and Math Labs/ Workshops weekly

  • Want to Get Involved?

    Whether you're a student leader, an advisor, a member of an existing organization or looking to start a new one; here's where you'll find everything you need to know about student organization events, policies, procedures, services, and resources.

    With more than 300 different student organizations at SDSU, there's guaranteed to be something here for you!

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